Even if the controls might look a little daunting, they should be fairly intuitive to use. Just play around and see what happens.

When you've made a nice design, you can either share it as a link, or download it as an svg. If you want to use it as a desktop background, save the svg-file and open the file with Inkscape or One of these to convert it to a png.

The Detail slider regulates how many times the pattern is recursively repeated, where as the colors slider sets the number of colors used to color the image. The generative function is explained a bit in the About section. You can play around with it, using a and b as variables.

If you are curious about Penrose Tilings, wikipedia has a pretty good Article about it. Outside of being pretty that have some curious properties.

The pattern is generate by starting with two dart triangles combined to form a rhombe (the fat one of the Penrose rhombes). They are then recursively split into smaller congruent triangles, as demonstrated here.

The 'Generator' function in the controls is a way to assign a color to each triangle in the pattern. The position of each triangle can be described as a series of numbers. For example a triangle with the position [1, 2, 3], would mean that it is the third child of the second child of the root triangle. The generator takes this position and either sums, multiplies or concatenates the numbers modulus the amount of colors.

If you are enjoing this site I'd love to hear about it. You can reach me on jonas@ifany.org. You are also welcome to check out my photographies on www.ifany.org.

To construct this site I've used JQuery, as well as plugins for the color picker, svg creation and JQuery UI for the sliders.

Jonas Arnfred

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